Draw My Thing


Draw My Thing

Draw my things is one of the best art online game, by playing which you can unleash your artistic abilities and showcase your best. The game does not require that you should be a great artistic, or you ought to be an art lover. You can have this in playing an interesting game perspective. So, did you hear about the game before?

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If not then the game is going to offer you a great experience, where you will be drawing stuff on the board and your friends can guess that stuff.

To get the start of the game, you will have to select your country and choose the nickname.

You can go to Publish rooms, private room or can create your own room where one can have friends to guess the art you drew on the board.

In total, there are 20 levels in the game, and there are about 99 seconds for a player to draw an art and for the guesser to guess the object you have drawn.

You will be given a keyword, and on that keyword, you need to draw the object, you must not mention the keyword in the object, and the guesser will gain the points by guessing the object, and you will be awarded the points by drawing the right objects.

You even can participate as a guesser in the game room, and the job what you need to do as a user, guess the drawn object as soon as possible. As the points what you earn are given on the basis of times and right guess.

How to Play Pinturillo 2.

To play Pinturillo 2 Draw my thing online, you can play above, just tap on the play button and start getting the game on your system.

To play the game, you need to use your mouse to draw the objects, and the keyboard to type the answers in the chat box.

Draw My Thing Play Game: