Afterlife the game


afterlife the game

Did you ever wonder what the life be after death? Do not worry, no one knows what happens after death, and even science does not know about the same. The game is about the Afterlife, what happens when you breathe you're last, the fun to play a game.

The game got simple graphics and all age group kids and elderly equally love to play the game online. You even can get the game going on your browser and see what happens when you die and becomes a ghost.

And to seek the heaven, and to see out of the window, you need to cross some levels of the games.

And until the time, you would not be reaching to the heaven, for which you were trying very hard in your life.

The start of the game is the ghost flying on the roads with strange but interesting objects.

And at the end of the road, there is a light where the next adventure of the game starts.

You will be having the precious moments of life with your better half in the game.

You can play the game along with your family and even can add your boss to get the revenge from him.

You return to the world of ghosts, where you meet some of your other friends who also have become ghosts and waiting for their turn to get entered into heaven.

Different levels what come to your ways are the real thing to accomplish in the game.

Like your wife in the danger and you need to rescue her and to get her back from the danger

The tasks require different skills, like flying, playing with the ghosts, and spoofing your manager as I mentioned above.

You can become an exemplar ghost and pass through the afterlife to enter into heaven.

How To Play AfterLife the:

The mouse is the only key to control the game


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